2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems – Worth The Trouble?

2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems – Worth The Trouble?

If you are searching for a used 2010 Ford F150, you could be lucky enough to get a great deal. Some models are reliable while others are downright problematic such as the 2010 Ford F150 transmission problems that can be a nightmare.

Many consider the Ford F150 to be among the worst used trucks that anyone can buy. Many experts will even go to the extent of advising you to avoid buying this truck. They state that it comes with plenty of issues.

But what 2010 Ford F150 transmission problems are we talking about here? Because car experts all say that while it is equipped with the V8 4.4-liter engine it has multiple issues. So we took the liberty of doing the research and finding out what the fuss is all about.

Compared to all Ford F150s that have been built from 2006 to 2022 it is the 2010 model that stands out as having some of the most issues.

Let’s discover more. For easier navigation throughout this post, please feel free to use our table of contents below.

6R80 Transmission

Granted the much newer 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission will come with its share of issues, the much older 6R80 six-speed transmission has performed remarkably well from 2009 to 2014.

That said, there is one major issue that many owners have complained about. These are broken cooler lines. The funny thing is that car technicians point out that the cooler lines in the 6R80 will break even without any signs of corrosion. This is considered quite unusual.

The technicians also say that the cooler lines in the transmission are a bit too thick with up to a half inch in diameter. What this means is that in case they break, the transmission will empty out very fast causing it to run dry.

Before the owner can even find out what is going on, it is either too late and their transmission is completely destroyed or even the torque converter is beyond repair.

And then there is the cost issue. Once the transmission is completely broken, this can cost upwards of $6,000 to replace including the price of labor. Simply put this is the Achilles heel in what many consider one of the best transmissions that ever came with a Ford F150.

This transmission has been known to be incredibly long-lasting and able to go above the 300K mile mark under good maintenance.

Due to this reason, many car owners will fit their trucks with a bypass line that is going to prevent the transmission from emptying out in case of a breaking of the line.

This seems awesome for anyone who drives a 2010 Ford F150 as this move could end up saving you a lot of money in repairs and replacement in the future.

F150 Transmission

F150 Transmission

Remember when we noted about the 2010 Ford F150 coming with some major issues? Well, one of these has to do with the transmission. In total there were up to 70 complaints on the transmission alone, based on data from Car Complaints. This also made the 2010 Ford F150 less efficient and unreliable when you’re offroading.

Many drivers would talk about the transmission having a hard shift whenever they were changing gears from one to two. This caused the trucks to jerk while trying to stop or even lurch forward, during low-speed driving.

When drivers took the car to the mechanic for a service, the technician could not notice any issue and said that they performed normally.

That said, some drivers claimed that over time this issue became worse. Changing the transmission fluid didn’t really do anything.

Another common issue reported with the Ford 2010 F150 transmission is shuddering as well as vibration when the car reached 45mph and the gear causing loud bangs when shifting. There was also a total failure of the transmission.

The strange part is that the 2010 Ford F150 transmission problems occurred with different engine options and not just with the 5.4-liter engine.

2010 Ford F150 Problems

Experts such as My Value Car openly say that the 2010 Ford F150 is just one of those trucks that you should definitely avoid.

It’s a good idea to take heed because the 2010 Ford F150 is known to have a huge range of issues and will only cause frustrations and a huge dent in your bank account from all the repairs.

One thing that is often noted is that when the 2010 Ford F150 is fitted with the 5.4 liter V8, it tends to have the most issues. Car Complaints also doesn’t rate the 2010 Ford F150 highly and refers to this model as a clunker.

In fact of all the Ford F150s from 2006 to 2020, the 2010 model comes with the second highest number of complaints. It was second only to the 2013 Ford F150.

So let’s look at some of these 2010 Ford F150 transmission problems, shall we?

2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems And Other Issues – The Transmission

We have noted that among the most frequent and biggest issues are the 2010 Ford F150 transmission problems. These ranged from hard shifting to loud vibrations when the car reaches 45mph as well as a total failure of the transmission.

2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems And Other Issues – Electrical Issues

This was also a common issue with the 2010 Ford F150. This often occurred at the 130,000-mile mark and ranged from dash lights not working to complete failure of the headlights and tail lights.

Drivers would often find themselves driving in the dark. The cause of the issue was a failure of the computer. This was not an issue with models such as the Super Snake.

Furthermore, the electrical problem also caused issues with the radio. This resulted in it failing to function. And that’s not all. There was an issue with the airbag system failing to show.

Moreover, there was the issue of the heated seats getting on fire a complete engine failure, breaking of glass by the rear defroster, and melting of the fuel pump fuse.

2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems And Other Issues – Windshield Issues

This is the number one most common issue with the 2010 Ford F150. One of the main things that happened was the rear window suddenly breaking. There was one driver that experienced a popping sound and soon after the window broke right on their 13-month-old child.

Other drivers said that they would notice their rear window breaking as soon as they started to use the defroster yet many had no clue why the windows would all of a sudden break down.

The strange thing is that drivers would replace their broken windows only for them to shatter again.

These there problems that we’ve noted above that are the main and most common issues. That said, there were also issues with the drive train, AC heater issues, suspension issues, issues with the paint, and drivetrain issues.

Ford F150 Shift Linkage Problems

Ford F150 Shift Linkage Problems

There are plenty of reasons that could cause the Ford F150 2010 model to develop shift linkage issues. Generally, the shift linkage transfers the signal to change gears and thus plays a highly important role in driving.

To ensure that the gears are set in the right position, it is important that the shift linkage works seamlessly with no issues. But what causes an issue with the shift linkage and how do you handle the problem? Let’s find out.

The great thing is that this is something that you can fix even while not having a lot of experience with the shift linkage. That said, it is always a great idea that you understand the problem before you try and solve the issue.

2010 Ford F150 Transmission Shift Linkage Symptoms

You may have started to notice that your 2010 Ford F150 behaves in a strange way after you change gears. You may also find that it is causing the oil to leak whenever you take a long drive.

These are just some obvious ways that you can tell that there is an issue with the shift linkage and that you need to make a diagnosis.

Here are some ways that you can tell that you have issues with your gear linkage that could lead to 2010 Ford F150 transmission problems.

  1. Getting loud noises from the transmission whenever you are driving
  2. Oil leaks from the transmission tunnel
  3. Issues with changing gears
  4. Your car underperforms

Very often simply fixing some loose screws or even replacing the brushing from your shift linkage can solve the problem.

If the gear linkage itself is loose, the great thing is that you can tighten yourself without having to incur the cost of hiring a mechanic. It is not very expensive to fix and will cost you anywhere from $50 – $75.

If however the shift cable itself is damaged then you will need to pay anywhere from $125-$250 to get a replacement. You may also cut down on these costs by replacing them yourself for $35-$80.

That said the issue could come about as a result of the shift cable sustaining repairable damage. If the shift cable is bad, then the linkage will start to behave in a strange and abnormal way. The good thing is that this is a probe that can easily be fixed through replacement or repair.

2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems – Adjusting The Screws

Adjusting The Screws

Remember what we said about loose screws in your shift linkage? The problems could be this simple yet could end up causing some major 2010 Ford F150 transmission problems. One way that you can tell that your shift linkage screws are loose is that there will be a lot of noise and vibration whenever you are driving.

You might find that all you need to do is adjust the screws. If you have trouble locating the shift linkage screws, don’t worry, all you need to do is follow a few steps that we’ve laid down for you.

Step 1.

Find the dash and then check under it. Make sure you are checking above the steering column.

Step 2.

Use a flashlight to help you clearly find the screws as of course this area will be dark and shielded from the light.

Step 3.

You should be able to clearly see the two screws. These will be 10mm. Take a ratchet wrench and tighten these screws. The role of the screws is to hold tightly the cable to the shift linkage.

Step 4.

Now all you need to do is to drive your truck and see if you have fixed the issue. Often this will help fix the issue. If the issue persists then the problem could be coming from somewhere else.

2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems – Having A Faulty Shift Cable

If you have a faulty shift wire then this could be causing problems with your shift linkage. What you need to know is that the shift wire will allow the linkage to get the signals whenever the gears are being shifted.

You may find yourself having some serious problems if you have a faulty shift wire. That said you can get over this issue using a few simple steps.

Step 1.

Locate the bottom dash and remove it. You should be able to find a silver plate that is held in place using 4 screws.

Step 2.

Take a ratchet wrench and remove the 4 screws. Now you can remove the silver plate also.

Step 3.

Now go under our Ford F150 and find the shift cable and the shift linkage. After finding it takes a screwdriver and takes out the shift linkage as well as the shift cable.

Step 4.

If you have already bought a new shift cable as well as a new shift linkage you may want to attach the shift linkage in place. However, you can also cut the cable a bit. Then reconnect the shift cable and make sure to add the open connection wising black tape.

Step 5.

Now it’s time to reattach the shift cable and shift linkage. Follow the steps above in reverse.

Step 6.

Connect the silver plate using the 4 screws that you’ve removed using the ratchet wrench. You will then need to connect the bottom dash. You will be completely done after that.

One thing to always keep in mind is that the gear needs to always be neutral as you fix the damaged shift cable. You will also need to block the Ford F150 from moving using a chock.

2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems  – Fixing The Shift Linkage Bushing

Many drivers often experience this problem. Broken bushings are often a cause of 2010 Ford F150 transmission problems with the shift linkage. If you want to fix the problem, often you will require to get a new Ford shift linkage bushing kit that will fit your particular model.

To fix the issue go under your track and find the shift linkage. Take a screwdriver and take out the brushing. Then take the brushing flat top using your hand that is located inside the shift linkage. You will need to apply pressure to add the new shift linkage brushing.

Repeat the same process in reverse to connect the shift linkage back into position.

F150 Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission fluid plays a very important role in lubricating the parts of the transmission that are moving. It is important therefore that this fluid is changed routinely which will help keep the parts moving seamlessly.

Your 2010 Ford F150 will use an F-type transmission fluid. This fluid is specially formulated to work with Ford vehicles.

It is advisable that you change your transmission fluid in your Ford F150 after every 30,000 miles for 2 to 3 years. At this point, it will have started to break down and will be less viscous.

As a result, the transmission parts don’t get the lubrication and the protection that they need. Therefore by changing your F-type transmission fluid, you allow your transmission to last for a long time.

This is how you can do that.

Step 1.

Drive your truck onto car ramps, put the gear to park and then press on the brakes. Now take a 4 by 4 pieces of wood and put these bethink the rear doors. These should stop your Ford F150 from rolling backward from the ramps.

Step 2.

Go under the truck and towards the back of your Ford F150 engine and locate the transmission fluid pan. Place a pan under this and find the plug that is located right under the firewall.

Step 3.

Now unplug the drainage plus using a socket wrench and let the old transmission fluid drain. Ensure to drain all of it. Once this is done, reconnect the drain plug in place and then find the cooler lines that go from the bottom of the radiator to the transmission.

Step 4.

Take the drain pan and then place it under the transmission cooler lines right next to the radiator and then disconnect the transmission cooler lines. Start by doing this from the radiator side using a wrench. This will allow the transmission fluid to get to the pan. Then re-attach the cooler lines back with the radiator.

Step 5.

Now take the drainage pan and put it back under the transmission pan and take out the transmission pan using a socket wrench. This will help you take out the bolts holding the transmission pan. While removing the bolts you may want to ensure that any remaining transmission fluid leaks into the drainage pan after having taken out the radiator.

Step 6.

Now disconnect the transmission filter using the socket wrench. This one will be situated under the transmission and you can easily access it after removing the transmission pan. Then replace this with a new filter and connect it to the transmission. Put back the transmission pan in place using the bolts.

Step 7.

Now take the transmission dipstick that you get from the fill tube that you will find at the back of the car’s engine. This will be situated close to the firewall. Take a funnel and place it at the top of the fill tube.

It is a good idea to check your user manual and find the best amount of transmission fluid that you need to add.

Having added the new transmission fluid take the dipstick and place it back then take it out and check the fluid levels. Ensure that the transmission fluid is at the correct level. Ensure that the dipstick is all the way into the tube to get correct readings.

Now take out the 4 by 4 wood blocks that you placed at the back of your Ford F150 tires and run the engine. This will ensure the transmission fluid gets to all moving posts of the transmission before you can even move the car. Allow it to run for 5 minutes and then reverse the truck and turn off the engine.

By fixing the issues, you can turn your Ford F150 into a reliable offroading car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do F150s Last

An F150 will lasts around 200,000 miles. Say you drive around 12,000 miles a year then this could mean 17 years of service. When you start driving your F150 beyond the 200,000-mile mark, you will begin to require repairs which will end up being very expensive and uneconomical to drive the car.

How Long Does A Ford F150 Transmission Last

How long a Ford F150 transmission lasts will depend on how well you take care of your truck as well as the model year. For instance, Ford F150s that were built between 2004 and 2009 often showed transmission issues once the car reached 100,000 miles. These were similar to the 2010 Ford F150 Transmission Problems. That said, later models had transmissions that lasted above 200,000 miles. The average figure for the Ford F150 transmission is around 150,000 miles.

Is The 6R80 A Good Transmission

Yes, the 6R80 transmission which was developed based on the ZF 6HP26 automatic transmissions is incredibly durable and dependable and is one of the best transmissions that Ford ever used on their F150 trucks. Furthermore, the transmission features less complexity than earlier models and is very efficient.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Transmission Lines

Just as you will find with other parts of your vehicle, the transmission lines are prone to wear and tear. If they break however they could cause all the transmission fluid to leak out causing damage to the transmission. This could be very expensive. That said, repairing transmission lines is fairly cheap and will cost anywhere from $100 to $500.

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